Slow down. Think for Yourself. Turn the media onslaught off!  Guaranteed if you open a major website like MSN you will find a story about the royal family – every day and with nothing to say, just blah blah.  Guaranteed if you go to a pop culture or lifestyle website or TV show like ET… Read more

So you just found out you are pregnant and you are keeping the baby. Awesome, and congratulations! The only drawback is that the father is someone you do not really know and you are unsure whether he is capable of being a father.  This is a tricky situation, but don’t be quick to take him… Read more

You look over at your boyfriend and realize that you’ve been dating for a few months ant you haven’t really talked? You’ve never had an actual meaningful conversation? Do you wish that you and your boyfriend could talk about meaningful subjects but just don’t know how to get the conversation started? The most difficult conversation… Read more

  Men’s thoughts about their partners’ unintended pregnancies aren’t often a major part of public conversation. Most likely it is because these thoughts currently have no legal standing. However, what men feel and express about the pregnancy can impact not just their lives, but also those of their partners and future children. Your girlfriend told… Read more