Abortion from a Father’s Perspective


Post abortion stories are often told from the viewpoint of the mother. The father’s viewpoint is deemed irrelevant since they did not physically experience the abortion. However, many fathers are speaking out about the pain and grief they felt after their partner had an abortion.

“I didn’t feel like it was my place to insist for her to keep our baby. It was her body so I left the decision up to her. She told me the date of her appointment however I did let her know that we could work things out so she could continue the pregnancy. Since she didn’t have any support from her family and was in college at the time she told me she didn’t think it was a good idea for anyone, including our baby, to continue the pregnancy.

She came back the afternoon of her appointment, quiet. I didn’t need to ask, I already knew she went through with it. I admit, at first I felt relieved because I wasn’t ready to be a father but that didn’t last long.

The guilt increased as I realized I could have intervened. I could have been more clear that I wanted her to keep the baby, our baby. But I wasn’t. I know she didn’t have support from her family but I could have given her that–but I didn’t. I live with that guilt everyday.”


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