Is it really your choice if you were pressured into it?

Many women choose to have an abortion due to pressure from others. Perhaps, you are considering an abortion due to advice received from family or friends. Maybe, which is often the case, the father of your child is pressuring you to choose abortion due to his own reservations on not wanting to be a father to your child at this time.

An abortion is not just a simple procedure. No matter what stage of pregnancy you may be in, that life is growing within you until he or she is born. Ending your child’s life due to pressures of someone else may result in serious regret immediately or sometime in the future.

You may not think you are ready to be a parent but are you prepared to live with a decision you’re unable to take back? To the person who is pressuring you to consider abortion, have they thought of the repercussions? Those that struggle with mental health issues often struggle alone.

Optionsforpregnancy is here as a resource to help you stop and think clearly before making the wrong decision for yourself. We are also here to support you and link you to resources so that you are not alone in this no matter where you are right now in your decision-process.

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