Signs you may be in an abusive relationship

An abusive relationship is something that progresses overtime. Upon meeting someone it is very unlikely they will be abusive on your first date. However, there may be subtle signs. It is also important to recognize the signs once the relationship has crossed the line and how to remove yourself.

Some subtle signs you may notice during the early stages of dating may be:

  • putting you down or insulting you in the name of joking
  • over the top with loving gestures
  • embarrassing you in front of others
  • treats other people badly
  • loses his temper even if it’s not directed at you
  • overly jealous

Subtle signs do not necessarily mean your partner will abuse you but they are potential signs to be aware of so that you do not find yourself trapped in an abusive relationship later on.

Some not so subtle signs may be:

  • a drug or alcohol problem
  • compulsive lying
  • isolating you from your family or friends
  • withholding money from you or requiring you ask him for money
  • directly insulting you or name calling
  • following you or having a history of stalking

It is important to recognize the warning signs before you find yourself in danger. It is also much easier to leave a relationship sooner rather than later.

Another note and perhaps the most important is that if you find yourself second guessing if your partner is abusive or may become abusive then that is a warning sign in itself.

Emotional abuse is still abuse

An abusive relationship is easy to recognize if your partner is physically harming you. However, the abuse does not have to be physical in order for it to be unhealthy. Emotional abuse can be excruciatingly damaging to your mental health. Women may experience depression or become suicidal due to extreme emotional abuse. Also, abuse that may start off as emotional abuse may escalate into physical abuse.

Some definite signs of abuse are:

  • forcible sex or any sexual activity
  • physically harming you in any way
  • threats of suicide or killing you

Remember if you are experiencing any signs of abuse you can seek help. It is okay to leave a relationship you are not comfortable with or where you are being harmed.

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