Do you experience chronic fatigue, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, headaches, and/or cold hands and feet? Recently, I started feeling ill daily. I was constantly weak, nauseous, and dizzy. I even noticed a frequent craving for chewing ice and occasional heart palpitations. These symptoms can indicate a variety of issues from minor to serious. I knew I… Read more

Recently, I was regularly suffering from debilitating nausea, vertigo, and fatigue. When I went to my doctor to address these issues, she told me to do two things: eat more throughout the day and drink more water. I was shocked. I expected a much more severe diagnosis and prescription. Instead, I found I was simply… Read more

It was summer. I had plenty of free time and wanted to spend it with someone I cared about. I’d been single for a year. He was a handsome gentleman with similar interests and values. We had engaging conversations and many moments of laughter. I felt special and cared for. But I cried myself to… Read more

Feeling stressed? Regain some peace of mind with these simple tips. Life is filled with various stressors. Women in particular often take on many responsibilities in their families, careers, and communities. These demands can lead to feeling stressed? Regain some peace of mind with these simple tips. is filled with various stressors. Women in particular… Read more

In our blogs we speak of healthy strong women taking control of their lives.  Living a life that allows intoxicants, superficial values, un-enlightened entertainment and unhealthy relationships is not living from a position of strength but of dependency and irresponsibility.  The article linked says as much about contraception. Too often living dependent on things outside… Read more

Slow down. Think for Yourself. Turn the media onslaught off!  Guaranteed if you open a major website like MSN you will find a story about the royal family – every day and with nothing to say, just blah blah.  Guaranteed if you go to a pop culture or lifestyle website or TV show like ET… Read more

Knowing yourself is more than half the battle.  It will help you know more about your relationship attachment style – key to happy living. The ancient Greeks came to realize that before you can successfully engage the world, a sense of self and what makes you tick is key to future happiness. “Know thyself”. Before… Read more

I know many people who are adult children of divorce and refuse to have children. One of the most common excuses is “My parents’ divorce caused a lot of heartache and I don’t want to risk putting my own children through the same thing”. It’s as if they are expecting their own marriages to fail… Read more

The loss of a child is tragic and difficult, including the loss by abortion. A woman doesn’t truly know what she will experience after the loss and doing it alone is the last thing you should do. You may have had an abortion thinking it would solve your problems and help you move on, only… Read more

Sometimes life feels like weights on your back… right? You’re wondering which path to follow, what would be the right decision, where the answers to your questions are, and why it seems like someone turned off your light. If only you could find the switch to turn it on again… This is the moment to… Read more