The Formula Crisis

My husband and I were blessed with another sweet baby girl in March of 2022. My milk never came in so we used formula to feed our baby. Remember fed is best, so make sure not to judge a woman on how she is feeding her baby because you never know the back story.

At the beginning everything was great, we could use any brand or kind of formula and never had any issues finding it in stores. Then our daughter ended up having to get on special formula due to tummy issues. Again in the beginning, no issues, but later in the year the formula crisis hit. Formula shelves were bare and you were limited on how much you could purchase at a time and you couldn’t find it anywhere online. We began to get a little nervous, I mean we needed that to feed our baby. Panic buying ensued and I would buy multiple bottles at a time then go online and do the same. Thankfully, we never ran out.

Since she was on a specific type of formula we struggled with the added expense. In order to recoup some of the cost we visited the company’s website and applied for coupons.
Surprisingly, this really helped. Later, a mom friend brought it to my attention that with my daughter being on a specific formula we may be able to have get a prescription from her
pediatrician. With the prescription, insurance was able to accept the cost which was a huge relief.

We were able to overcome the formula crisis as did many others. When it comes to something as important as feeding your baby, moms become very resourceful! I hope for others sake that there will not be another formula crisis. However, know that the moms who experienced this were able to get through it. There may not be a formula crisis but other issues that could arise. Knowing that your own instinct in solving these issues is helpful but you can also lean on other parents and organizations

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