Pregnant or is it just PMS?

Is it early pregnancy that I’m experiencing or is it just PMS? Let’s start with the obvious early pregnancy symptoms that cannot be mistaken for PMS.

The Obvious Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

A missed period. 

Each cycle you release an egg, if that egg becomes fertilized (congrats you’re pregnant!) then you will not have your period. However, it is possible to miss your period or be a few days late if you’re under stress or taking certain medications. This is not common so if you are late, it’s a good idea to take a pregnancy test.

A positive pregnancy test. 

A postitve test is a clear sign that you’re pregnant and in no way would a positive pregnancy test be the result of PMS. Over the counter pregnancy tests pick up heightened HGH levels in your urine. You may get a false positive if you are taking certain medications or if you’ve recently had an abortion or a miscarriage. The HGH levels could still be high enough from your previous pregnancy and give you a postive test.

Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Metallic taste

A less common early pregnancy symptom but some women report a metallic taste in their mouth during early pregnancy, some before a missed period. This is not a constant metallic taste but rather noticed one to a few times.

Nosebleeds or bleeding gums

An increased blood volume in pregnancy is responsible for the weird early pregnancy symptom of nosebleeds or bleeding gums while brushing your teeth.

Heightened sense of smell 

Although there is no solid research on a heightened sense of smell during early pregnancy, many women report they noticed this symptom in early pregnancy.

Vivid dreams

Perhaps due to an increase in hormones, vivid dreams are a common symptom reported by women.

Symptoms experienced in both PMS and Early Pregnancy

PMS symptoms are often similar to symptoms experienced in early pregnancy. Your PMS symptoms may also vary from cycle to cycle sometimes being more or less intense. This can lead some women to think that there is something else going on rather than PMS.

Irritability or mood swings 

Unexplainable anger or sadness is common right before your period. Eating a nutritious diet can help regulate your moods before your period.

Tender or sore breasts 

This is both an early pregnancy symptom as well as a common PMS symptom. However, in early pregnancy you may notice a significant change in tenderness or fullness.

Fatigue or insominia

Staying active, getting sunshine throughout the day, and avoiding artifical light before bed helps battle fatigue and insominia in the week leading up to your period. If you’re doing all these things and still feeling excessively tired or unable to fall asleep at night then perhaps you could be pregnant.

Food cravings

An increased appetitite is a very common early pregnancy symptom. It is also a very common PMS symptom. If this is your only symptom you’re experiencing, it’s likely you just have PMS.

What to do if you’re unsure?

It can be stressful trying to analyze your symptoms over the internet to figure out if you could be pregnant or not. This website is not intended to be used for any medical diagnosis. That said, if you’re worried about the possibility of being pregnant maybe you’ve missed your period already then taking a pregnancy test is the easiest way to find out. If you’re unable to afford a pregnancy test or want to have further assistance in regards to your possible pregnancy then we can help. Call or use the chatbox below to find a pregnancy center near you. You can get a free pregnancy test and staff can help you figure out your next steps.

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