Too late to choose adoption?

Having a child is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences a woman can go through. But say you had an unplanned pregnancy and thought you wanted to raise the baby but once they have arrived you aren’t so sure anymore.

Do you still have options?

Can you still place the baby up for adoption?

The answer is yes.

While the majority of women make the decision of adoption early in pregnancy it isn’t unheard of for a woman to want to give her baby up for adoption after they are born or even up to 6 months after having them. The adoption process for a newborn versus a 6 month old are fairly similar and therefore still a viable option.

There are still a lot of couples to choose from and the mother is still eligible for the majority of the same services provided to women who chose adoption earlier in pregnancy. However most agencies consider 4 years old to be the max age to put a child up for adoption but there are still resources available such as Head Start or Social Services to find care for your child at any age. It is important to know that a child even at a very young age thrives off of stability. So, being with their mother then being placed for adoption may have it’s drawbacks. A newborn is able to recognize their mother’s voice and smell only moments after birth. They have already made a connection with their mother before they were born. That said, if you feel as if you have no other option or it would be better for your child’s well-being then adoption is a great act of love to want to provide a better life for your child and know you are not alone in the process.

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