Benefits of pregnancy

Being pregnant brings about many emotions and changes. I’m sure many women would be surprised to know that along with all the excitement of growing a little human inside you, pregnancy provides many health benefits for the mom.

One huge benefit to being pregnant is the increased heart health. A leading cause of heart disease in women is decreased estrogen. When you’re pregnant levels of estrogen in your body are increased therefore reducing the risk of heart disease. Not only that but if you decide to breastfeed this helps keep blood pressure and diabetes levels under control also helping to keep your heart healthy.

Another pregnancy benefit is that your periods are easier than before and who wouldn’t want that?Most women report decreased period cramps after having their baby. The main cause of this is due to the uterus being stretched during delivery but another reason is due to the elimination of the hormones that control labor contractions receptor sites in the uterus.

A third benefit is an increase in sex hormones resulting in an improved conjugal life. One of the greatest benefits of pregnancy is that it can aid in reducing the risks of certain cancerous growths. The changes in a woman’s hormones because of breastfeeding and pregnancy in general reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer occurring. Although this benefit doesn’t apply to every woman, pregnancy can aid in reducing symptoms of PCOS or poly-cystic ovary syndrome after delivery. Some women even find it easier to conceive again even though they may have had trouble the first go around due to PCOS.

A later effect of pregnancy is lactation which can allow a woman to breastfeed. Breast cells change during pregnancy, and as a result of lactation, make these cells harder to be transformed into cancer cells therefore reducing the risk of breast cancer. Another benefit to having a baby is the fact that some of the baby’s cells remain in our body which can strengthen your immune system and decrease the risk of autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis. Finally having a baby makes women more aware of what they are doing with and putting in their bodies resulting in a more healthy lifestyle. So not only is it an amazing thing that your body is growing a little human, but there are many health benefits just for the mom as well!


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