Concert turned tragedy

Almost everyone has been to some form of concert in their lives. The rush and excitement of waiting to see a favorite artist or band is exhilarating. This must have need the tome for many people going to Travis Scott at Astroworld but the concert quickly turned into a nightmare.

Before Scott took to the stage there were too many people in attendance on the grounds. People were jumping barricades and getting in without wristbands. As soon as Travis began to sing a crowd surge began, pushing people forward and leaving little room to move let alone breath. People were being trampled and fought for their lives to get out of the crowd as people continues to push toward the stage.

Travis Scott has a history of encouraging chaos and so called “rangers” at his concerts. At one point during the concert he states he could see the crowd all the way in the back so surely at his point of view he could see what was happening. In photos and videos posted to Kylie Jenner’s Instagram stories an ambulance was in clear view of Scott while he kept singing. There were also unconscious (or possibly worse) people being crowd surfed as an attempt to get them to medical assistance was within Travis Scott’s line of vision. Why didn’t he acknowledge this or stop the concert to ensure these people received the care that was needed? Reports state concert workers, cameramen, and others were altered to the hysteria but nothing was done about it. At one point the festival ‘s promoter, Live Nation, agreed to cut the show short once things took a turn for the worst yet the concert continues.

When something like this happens one has to wonder, was the value of life ever on anyone’s mind? Why wasn’t more people helping instead of the continuing to push forward? Why wasn’t the concert stopped immediately?

We live in a very “me first” society where people are more concerned with their own self interests and promotions rather than helping their fellow people. It seems as if concert workers, attendees, and Travis Scott himself didn’t seem to value life outside their own in this very tragic night.

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