What You Need To Know About Fertility

Should you really be worried about infertility if you’re not ready to have a baby? Or maybe you’re not even sure you want kids one day? Well yes and no.

You shouldn’t be worried because most women (89%) do not have any issue getting pregnant. Yet some do struggle.

So if you’re thinking about having children someday getting a handle on possible fertility issues now may lessen your struggle in the future.

Avoiding Pregnancy

Okay, what if you’re certain you do not want children now or ever?

What difference does it make to know if you have fertility issues?
A big difference.

Being aware of your fertility is a useful tool in avoiding becoming pregnant.

What are some signs of infertility?

There are many signs you may notice if you are infertile or have low fertility. You can click here to learn more.

One of the common and easily noticeable signs are irregular periods. This may be an indication that you are not ovulating every month.

Since ovulation is a key part in conceiving a baby, without it you are not able to become pregnant.

However, it is important to note just because you have irregular periods does not mean you’re not ovulating. You could still get pregnant.

Talk to your doctor

The best practice is to go to your doctor with your concerns about fertility to see if you have any underlying issues. Your doctor can also speak to you directly about it.

It’s helpful to be prepared with questions to ask. I save the questions on my phone so I won’t forget.

Here’s a list to get you started.
  1. What are some signs that I’m ovulating?
  2. What are some natural ways to avoid pregnancy or to become pregnant?
  3. What are some underlying issues that could affect my fertility?
  4. What tests are involved or how can I ensure that I do not have any of those issues?

Some other factors that may affect your fertility are your age and whether you’re under or overweight. Lifestyle factors like smoking, drug use, or excessive drinking can also lower your fertility rate.

Know your body

Infertility is a struggle that some couples face. Preventing the issue before it starts by changing your lifestyle or finding underlying issues is key to avoiding future frustrations.

Your sexual health is important now and in the future. Having a greater understanding of it will only benefit you.

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