What to ask when you’re pregnant

You’re pregnant. Whether planned or unplanned I’m sure you’re thinking what now? This is the first of many questions you’ll start asking after that pregnancy test shows positive. So what do you do next? First thing, you’ll want to call your OB and get an appointment set. Then you’ll want to start a mental checklist for some questions to ask your doctor. Here are some questions to ask for each trimester of your pregnancy.

First Trimester (0-13 weeks)

Your first appointment will usually happen around 6-8 weeks, which is perfect because you‘ll have some time to think about what to discuss with your doctor. And potential questions outside of these:

-Which prenatal vitamin should I take?

-Are my current medications safe for pregnancy?

-Is it safe to exercise?

-What should or shouldn’t I eat?

-How do I help with morning sickness? -What’s the best way to reach you for questions or     concerns?                                        

-What are my delivery options?

-Are there any symptoms I should watch for?

Second Trimester (14-26 weeks)

During this stage of pregnancy big and noticeable changes are happening to your body both physically and physiologically. You’ll probably have some questions for your doctor regarding all of the changes, so here are some helpful ones to add to your list:

-How much weight should I be gaining?

-What symptoms are normal or abnormal?

-What are some issues I should watch for?

-Is sex safe still?

-Is spotting normal this far along?

-When will I start to feel the baby move?

-What is my projected delivery date?

-Is exercising still safe?

Third Trimester (27 weeks-baby’s arrival)

You’re in the home stretch! During these last few weeks you and your little one will both be experiencing a lot of changes. I’m sure just reading that sentence has multiple questions running through your mind. So here is a list of some things to ask during your final trimester.

-Will you be delivering my baby?

-What happens if my water breaks?

-What are my options if I want to breastfeed or use formula?

-Can we discuss my birth plan?

-What is the difference between true and false labor?

-How will I know if I have postpartum anxiety or depression?

-What happens to my hormones after delivery? And is there anything I can do for them to help prevent PPA or PPD?

-Is sex still safe?

-What are my chances of a C section?

-What are normal and/or abnormal symptoms this trimester?

-How often should I feel the baby move?

-What discharge is normal?

Having a baby is so exciting yet can be scary and overwhelming at the same time. Your doctor should be someone you feel comfortable discussing any of these questions with and should be someone you feel supported by based on your needs and wants for your pregnancy and delivery. Hopefully these questions give you some peace knowing every woman asks them and maybe help you think of other things you may want to ask. Remember every question and feeling you have during pregnancy is valid and should be addressed. 

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