The Toughest Solider

Being a mom is the toughest yet most rewarding job I have ever had. There’s constant second guessing, mom guilt and burnout. But then there’s those smiles, giggles and hugs that make everything so worth it. I hate when I have to leave my kiddos and always look forward to those hugs when I return. If being a mom who is always there is challenging, imagine what it must be like being a mother who’s in the military. These mothers have to leave at the drop of the hat. They miss huge events in their children’s lives and they have the constant fear of their children forgetting them when on deployment. Not only that but the worry of the added stress on the spouse or caretaker of their kids. Of course people will ask the question of why do they stay in if it bothers them so much, but it’s not as simple as that. These mothers not only have a strong love for their children but also for their country. So how do they handle being a mom when they’re so far away? 

First off they need a strong and understanding bond with their spouse, partner or caretaker of their child. Someone who will help their child understand the important job their mom is doing while they are gone. They strongly rely on modern technology when they are away from home. Constantly calling or FaceTiming their children any chance they get. Some mothers write letters or send gifts to make them feel more present in their families lives. When they are home they take tons of pictures and teach their children that even though they miss out on holidays and other events, the time spent together, no matter when it is, is the most important thing. Finally they lean on other mothers that are deployed or stationed with them. Helping each other get through the challenging times of being away from their family. 

Being a mom is hard. But being a mother while active in the military is so much harder. Soldier’s are tough, but a soldier who is also a mother is the toughest one out there. 

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