I know many people who are adult children of divorce and refuse to have children. One of the most common excuses is “My parents’ divorce caused a lot of heartache and I don’t want to risk putting my own children through the same thing”. It’s as if they are expecting their own marriages to fail… Read more

The loss of a child is tragic and difficult, including the loss by abortion. A woman doesn’t truly know what she will experience after the loss and doing it alone is the last thing you should do. You may have had an abortion thinking it would solve your problems and help you move on, only… Read more

Sometimes life feels like weights on your back… right? You’re wondering which path to follow, what would be the right decision, where the answers to your questions are, and why it seems like someone turned off your light. If only you could find the switch to turn it on again… This is the moment to… Read more

First off, let me welcome you to this page and say that you have come to the right place for help and resources.  Secondly, we will not judge you or make you feel ashamed for being pregnant. You are not alone in dealing with your unexpected pregnancy and these resource centers can assist you. If… Read more

It’s the New Year and everyone makes resolutions. “This year it will be different,” we tell ourselves.  Then we usually make the same resolutions we made last year…and the year before that. What about this year? Will anything make this year different? Why not “resolve” to be a better person by taking small purposeful steps?… Read more

Maya Angelou was born on April 4, 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri, as Marguerite Annie Johnson. The struggle against a heavily racist and sexist world rang through the liberating words of Angelou.  This was a time of deep poverty. Ms. Angelou published 36 books in her lifetime, including seven autobiographies, volumes of poetry, essay collections,… Read more

  “ I should look a certain way; aspire to look like people who have a totally different build.  Hello I am 5’4 and pear shaped enough already; move on, right?  Easier said than done when it’s drilled into my head from such a young age… Disney princesses, waify actresses, Barbies and non-stop advertising –… Read more