Single, pregnant, and confused

Single and pregnant sounds less than ideal maybe even scary. There are so many positive depictions of parents-to-be and plenty of negative depictions of the struggling single mom. It’s hard to see past the stereotype and create your own story that goes against the grain.

But there lies the problem. We often make assumptions on other people’s lives to guide our own. This leads to a nasty cycle of focusing on other’s lives instead of our own causing negative feelings towards our situations. Instead of problem solving it turns into self-loathing which hardly ever results in bettering our lives.

Instead of focusing on other’s lives, focus on your own. There’s no rule that states you will not be a good mother if you’re a single parent. You can create a happy life for you and your child. You’re in control of your own life and you determine your happiness. Change your perspective. Every issue you face doesn’t mean there’s no way out of it. It’s an opportunity to learn or grow.

You’re pregnant and the father of your child doesn’t want to help?

That’s fine. You won’t run into disagreements with anyone on how to raise your child because you’ll be the sole decision maker.

You’re pregnant and unsure how you will support your child financially?

That’s fine. This is your opportunity to be resourceful.

You’re pregnant and not sure how you’ll manage taking care of yourself and a baby?

That’s fine too. This is your opportunity to develop real goals to better not only yourself but you and your child.

The point is that for every issue you face, there’s a solution. And if you don’t see a solution—don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Call our helpline. 877-398-7734

There are trained call responders who will talk with you about your situation. It’s not about finding the easiest or best short-term solution but rather making a decision you’ll be comfortable with now and in the future.

Don’t be afraid to go after what you’re capable of and if you’re having trouble figuring that out, please call us. 877-398-7734

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