Missed appointment? Call your doctor ASAP!

Did you miss a preventable appointment this year? If yes, you’re not alone. Many people skipped regular checkups due to the COVID pandemic this year. Stay home, stay safe. However, this may have caused damaging, adverse effects to people’s health especially to the vulnerable and to women.

During your regularly scheduled well-woman exam cancers such as breast and cervical can be detected early. Early detection will greatly increase the survival rate of these illnesses so it is imperative that women keep their appointments especially if they are at higher risk. But even if you are not at higher risk the simple checking of your vitals is a good indication into your overall physical health.

These preventative appointments are also a time where your provider can check in on your mental health. 2020 has been difficult for nearly everyone. Mental health issues have increased since the pandemic started. Letting your provider know if you have been feeling different or experiencing higher levels of stress is a good step to feeling better. In the meantime, you can read our previous article on self care.

So, if you’ve missed your appointment—schedule it! Make sure your health is a priority. You can also ask your provider what precautions are being taken if you’re nervous about catching or spreading COVID. Or, maybe you are reluctant to wear a mask. But remember, it is a small sacrifice to make to wear a mask to ensure your own health is taken care of as well as the health of others.

If you’re currently pregnant then getting prenatal care is very important. When you’re pregnant you are not the only patient; your baby is a patient too! It is important that you and your baby receive proper prenatal care. Your first prenatal appointment should be scheduled within the first 3 months of your pregnancy.

If you are experiencing any sort of issue finding care then please call us! (877) 398 7734 We are here to help.

While waiting on your first appointment, check out the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. Read it here 

2020 is almost over but taking the steps now to ensure your health to preventative care will last well beyond this year.

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