How to tell your parents you’re pregnant

Normally announcing your pregnancy is a joyous occasion but when it’s unplanned it can be extremely anxiety provoking. If you are young or still living with your parents you may have added pressure. In this situation you have generally have three actions to take. You can seek help before telling them, tell your parents first, or ignore it and keep a secret from them.
Ignoring your pregnancy or keeping a secret from your parents is most likely not a good idea. At some point, they will find out that you are pregnant and may be hurt that you kept this information from them. If you are worried about how they may react you may want to seek help first and Options for Pregnancy does offer a helpline or you can chat at the bottom of the page. However, your parents are normally your first line of support so normally they are the ones you should go to when there is a major life event such as a pregnancy. But that doesn’t mean you should just go to them with your news without a plan of action.

Developing a plan of action may ease the tension of the situation. It will show your parents that even though the pregnancy is unplanned you are capable of handling it. Some things to consider are where you may get medical care during your pregnancy. Again, if you are unsure of where to find medical care you can call our helpline or inform your parents of Options for Pregnancy as we can link you to a variety of resources. You don’t have to figure everything out right now but by getting your current needs addressed it shows that you are taking some initiative. Keep in mind, just because your pregnancy is unplanned doesn’t mean it has to be stressful. Planning and having support will assist you throughout your journey to motherhood.

What if your parents react negatively to your news? 

Even if you have a close relationship with one or both of your parents they may react in a negative way. This is understandable as they may be worried about your future and how you are able to overcome obstacles. It is normal for parents to worry about their children especially things they cannot control. Once you are pregnant, you have now become a mother yourself and when that happens your needs are naturally after your child’s. Your parents are simply thinking of you first. Or perhaps they are extremely disappointed or even angry. Give them some space and time to process the news you’ve told them.

Life isn’t perfect and often goes in ways we do not anticipate. Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be an opportunity to show others your maturity and willingness to adapt and overcome situations. However it is more likely that you will not find joy in the approval of others but rather the life you have begun and will continue to build with your child.

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