How to give support to a friend after an abortion








Often times, women who had an abortion make the decision because they are scared or overwhelmed in the moment only to be left with immense regret later. So do you as their friend help them deal with the pain and guilt? 

Be present

Be there if they call, text or ask to get together. It may not be to talk about what they went through but just being there for them anyway you can is helpful.

Listen to them

Let them talk and open up when and if they feel ready. Be open minded and non judgemental. They need to process what happened and talking it through is the best place to start. Help look up materials or educational sites to let them know they aren’t alone and that many other women have felt what they are feeling. If they are very depressed or have suicidal thoughts make sure to encourage them to seek professional help from someone who deals with post abortion healing.

Finally love them no matter what

They may feel alone, guilty and judged but by you showing them love and support it can help them feel they will be able to move on from this. 

Lead her to resources that may help

The helpline at the top of our page can help her process through her emotions. Or click here to call 877-398-7734.

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