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Unexpected pregnancy comes with a rush of thoughts and feelings. Call us to empower yourself with knowledge and make your best decision. When you meet with one of our experienced and understanding pregnancy decision consultants, you’ll get answers to your questions and so much more.

The Abortion Pill

If you are seeking abortion pill Pregnancy Care Center, Nampa or abortion pill reversal Pregnancy Care Center North Fresno call us. If you have an unplanned pregnancy which you have confirmed and are considering an abortion Pregnancy Care Center, Nampa does not perform or refer for abortions. We can offer education on the types of abortions available including medical abortion procedures and risks, and your legal rights.

Medical abortion occurs with the Abortion Pill (RU-486). Mifepristone and misoprostol induce the abortion. They are drugs. Don’t use it if it has been more than 7 weeks since your last period. Some clinics will perform this procedure up to 9 weeks.

Morning After Pill

Please note that it is not the same as the “morning-after pill”. In fact, the morning after pill is an emergency contraceptive. Whereas, a pregnant woman uses the abortion pill. Medical abortions depend entirely on doses of medicine for induction. Medical professionals decide whether abortion is needed.

Abortion Pill Reversal

Especially relevant, the abortion pill is reversible and Pregnancy Care Center, Nampa can help reverse it. However, you must make the decision to reverse it within hours of taking the abortion pill.

Note, success within 72 hours is possible.  Call us right away for help with a reversal.

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