Finding a job while pregnant

Finding a job can be a difficult feat so finding one while pregnant may seem impossible. I am here to tell you that with a plan it’s not only possible but it can be easy. Pregnancy is not a permanent condition. Therefore, while job searching think long-term not short-term. Also, just because someone is pregnant does not make her less of an employee. Pregnant women are able to perform most job duties just as well as non-pregnant people. Check your state laws on protection for pregnant women in the workplace and also discrimination against employment due to pregnancy. Okay, with all of that in mind first you must job search in order to find a job.

Job Searching

Job search engines are a great place to start when searching for a new place of employment. A better place and greater chance of getting an offer on a job is through referrals from other individuals. An employer is more likely to consider you as a potential employee if a trusted employee is able to give a recommendation.

Consider searching for a job in which flexible hours are available. It doesn’t necessarily have to be different shift options but opportunities to step away from your work through time off. During pregnancy, you’ll likely have to go to regular doctor’s appointments so you’ll want to think about that ahead of time.

Maternity benefits are important since you are pregnant. It’s not recommended to immediately ask an interviewer about certain benefits and you’re also under no obligation to tell a potential employer that you’re pregnant. However, many companies have employee handbooks that are found online and you can easily do a search to find out what sort of benefits they may offer. Some companies require you to be an employee for a certain amount of time before certain benefits are granted so that is also something to consider.

Along with maternity benefits, you will also want to research to see how family friendly the company will be. At the end of your pregnancy you will have additional responsibilities so consider a company that will support families and welcome them rather than see them as a burden. The majority of Americans have families so once you’re an employee it can also be something you can suggest as a change if family friendly policies are not too friendly.

One of the best pieces of advice I recieved on job searching is to keep track of your search. It doesn’t need to be a complicated system. You can use a basic chart on paper or go big with an Excel sheet. Either way you’ll need to include: the date you applied, interview dates, notes about benefits or anything else important. If you’re applying at a lot of different companies this can be very useful in tracking your search.

The Interview

When your job searching leads to an interview you’ll want to prepare beforehand. Research the company well so that you are aware of what is expected as a potential employee. Your research can also lead you to find out what strengths you can bring to a particular company. Writing out a few questions beforehand and preparing your answers is a good idea to help you feel more equipped in answering questions during the interview.

After you’ve researched, relax. Being nervous during an interview is normal but if you are too nervous or visibly nervous it could potential give a negative impression as it shows you lack confidence. Rather, realize you will be okay with or without this particular job. There are many opportunities just relax and let the interviewer get to know you as you get to know them and the company in which you’re applying.

Final Thoughts

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you’re incapable of getting a good job to support you and your future family. Sometimes hearing a no from a potential employer can be disheartening but if you keep searching you will often find that something much better was waiting instead.

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