Choosing Adoption

Finding oneself with an unplanned pregnancy can be scary and trying to figure out what options you have can be stressful. When searching “unplanned pregnancy” on google the first things that populate are “free abortions near me”, “need abortion pills” or the Planned Parenthood website. Many women don’t know they have other choices besides just these, including adoption. Giving your child up for adoption is one of the most loving things a mother can do. Not only is she choosing life over death but she’s providing a family with a child they never thought they could have. There isn’t a true statistic on how many families in the US there are waiting to adopt but experts estimate it’s somewhere between 1-2 million. And yet only 4% of women with an unwanted pregnancy place their child up for adoption while over a million abortions happen each year. 

Adoption has changed over the years. The birth mother is completely in control of the process and can decide what kind of adoption she wants to have. A closed adoption is where the birth mother has no contact with the child nor will she receive information about them. In an open adoption the birth mother can choose how much contact she wants. She can receive letters, texts and/or pictures from the family. She can also have some contact with the child over phone or video chat. The birth mother also has control over what kind of family she wants her child to go to. Adoption agencies will compile a list of choices and the mother can go through the profiles and pick one she likes best. She can also choose where and how she’ll have the baby. Not only that but she can have the baby with no cost to her. Agencies also provide counseling for the mother after giving the baby away. Although abortion may feel like the easiest way it may result in traumatic side effects that can affect the mother years down the road. By placing your child up for adoption you’re saving a life and blessing a family with something they never thought they’d have.

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