Can I have an abortion and keep it a secret?

Abortion is a controversial matter and for that reason you may not want others to know about it in fear of being judged.

Is it possible to have an abortion and keep it a secret? There is no clear cut answer to this question but rather certain circumstances that affect who is involved when the decision to have an abortion is made.

One is your age and the state you live in. Currently there are 38 states which require parental involvement for a minor (person under 18) seeking an abortion. If you reside in one of these states and are a minor you may be required to have your parent’s permission before an abortion is performed.

Another circumstance which may prevent you from keeping your secret is the father of the baby. It’s reported that many times the father of the child encourages or coerces the mother into having an abortion. Although this is true there are fathers that want to see their baby born. If this is the case for the father of your child it may be harder for you to keep that secret from him. However, if you are in an abusive relationship please reach out to us as we can help talk you through your options as you may face this unplanned pregnancy without a partner.

Lastly, if no one else knows besides you and the abortion staff you will still have to keep your own secret. This may prove difficult in that many mothers experience abortion regret and it is not often immediate. Again, if you are having doubts about an abortion please reach out to us at our helpline. Or if you’ve had an abortion in the past and now you’re feeling regret we have call responders waiting by phone or chat.

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