An unborn child is human

A fetus? A baby? A zygote? What is the growing, developing being inside their mother? An unborn child has its own distinct DNA that differs from his/her mother or father. They will develop their own brain, nervous system, heart, arms, legs, and so on. An unborn child grows just like it’s mother and father, by reproducing cells. They can respond to stimuli and turn nutrients into energy through metabolism.

The unborn is an organism whose parts work together for the good of the whole. Guided by 46 chromosomes, the baby only needs the proper environment and nutrition to grow.

All the technical jargon aside, science proves that life begins at fertilization or as we call it conception. Once the parts from the make and female unite they give rise to a new organism, a zygote. Each one of us was once a zygote who then turned into an embryo and then a fetus, followed by an infant, toddler, adolescent, and finally an adult. Again, science proves that an unborn child is a living, individual. A human being. When someone states that an unborn child isn’t a human they are not really meaning it in a scientific sense but rather in the sense that they cannot care for themselves therefore they do not have rights and their lives are not valuable. You have to ask yourself if the unborn has its own DNA, chromosomes, organs, limbs and features then why is their life any less valuable their our own?

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