Abortion Pill Explained

The abortion pill is not Plan B. Those that take the abortion pill have already received a positive pregnancy test.

It is a series of two medications that are taken within 48 hours of each other. It works by stopping hormones that foster the growth of your baby up until 10 weeks of pregnancy.

Possible Issues with the Abortion Pill Option

Not knowing how far along you are in your pregnancy. Without an ultrasound it is impossible to know the exact date of your pregnancy and how developed your baby is currently.

Complications with the abortion pill can and do happen. If you are receiving care when you are not under medical supervision there may be serious complications. With any medication an allergic reaction may happen. There are also complications with the abortion itself. Excessive bleeding, infection, or pieces of the developing baby left inside your uterus.

Visiting a Healthcare Professional

It is important to visit a trained healthcare provider to help ensure your safety. Visiting an in-person clinic will allow accurate dating of your pregnancy by ultrasound. There are also possible emotional complications. If you’re considering the abortion pill as an option but are still unsure you may can call our helpline at 877-398-7734 to discuss other options for your pregnancy. We can also set up an appointment at a local clinic.

Abortion Pill Reversal

Many times after taking the abortion pill, women will feel regret. If you’ve already taken the abortion pill and regret it then it is important to act quickly to reverse your decision. It is not always effective and much more effective when only the first pill has been taken. You can call our helpline at 877-398-7734 to set up an appointment for abortion pill reversal treatment.

Although the abortion pill seems safer than an in clinic abortion it is important to know that it is still an abortion. It will come with the same risks: physically and emotionally. The decision to chose abortion is a difficult one that should be considered amongst other possible options.

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