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Abortion Cost

Do you wonder how much does an abortion cost? Or are you simply looking for help without the pressure?

It is  typical for an abortion to cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000+ out of pocket. This cost range is based upon a number of factors, including stage of pregnancy, type of abortion procedure, geographical region and choice of anesthesia.

Avoid Fees

Your first step does not have to include fee-based services.  You can get answers first before having to pay for services.  Call us and we can guide you through it.

To avoid fees you should be cautious of abortion providers who seek to collect nonrefundable fees before they offer counseling.  Especially be aware of abortion providers who don’t give you an opportunity to ask questions.  You should fully understand the risks involved before proceeding.

It is therefore easy to see why calling us for pressure free assistance is a good call.  We can connect you to free services before you visit an abortion provider such as Planned Parenthood or Family Planning Associates.

Abortion Cost – Avoid Pressure from Paid Services

Why?  Make an informed decision without the pressure from others looking to take your money.  You can get free medical assistance and detailed information without pressure.  Note that we do not refer for abortion procedures.

If you have questions about abortion cost or the abortion pill, please Contact us.  We will listen and not pressure you.  Plus, it is free and confidential!