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Facing an unwanted pregnancy can be overwhelming. Sometimes. with all the pressure, it does not seem like there are abortion alternatives.  It is not the right circumstances to make a quick decision.  Take a step back.  You can take heart in the fact that many women face this decision every day.  It is not easy.  Yet, it is not impossible either.

Probably the decision for most is not that simple: to have a baby or an abortion…  Keep in mind there is also a third alternative: adoption.  As a mother, you can choose to make an adoption plan for your child.

Why adoption?  First, you can still be a mom while placing your child for adoption. That is clear.

Second, there are many women who would love to have a child or another child.  However, many cannot because of various reasons. It can be a very painful experience for those who want a child and are not able.  You can be change another family’s life by choosing to place your child for adoption.

Know that as a birth mother you are not “giving up” your child.  Rather, you are choosing a different life for your child.  You are placing your baby into the arms of eternally grateful parents.  They will spend their days cherishing the gift that a generous woman gave them.

Finally, families who want to adopt will also assist with any costs you may incur while pregnant.

Different Kinds of Adoption:

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Closed Adoption: A closed adoption is an adoption in which no information about the birthmother or the adoptive family is shared between the two. There is no contact between birthparents and adoptive parents. In a closed adoption, you won’t have contact with your child or family.  As a result, records are sealed after finalization.

Open Adoption: An open adoption allows an association between the birthmother, child and adoptive parents. Open adoption takes on many forms depending on what is mutually agreed on.

Agency Adoption and Private Adoption

Adoption agencies arrange adoptions and are called “agency adoptions”.  The agency takes legal possession of the child and then places it with the family.  These agencies can be a public or a private one.

Private adoption is different.  An attorney, doctor or facilitator arranges a private adoption, acting as the intermediary. This is of course in contrast to using a licensed adoption agency.

If you want more information on the adoption process or need assistance in any way, please contact us.  We are here to help you.